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Paula Angella, Massage Therapist
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We've listed some services that should be of interest to tourists and some for locals.
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Pack Light Vacation Rentals

We offer cell phones, snorkel gear, chairs and umbrellas, floats and coolers, and more. Visit our website and one simple email gets you started on a hassle-free vacation. We also can arrange half or full day yacht charters with a captain and offer low-cost accommodations.

Email | Internet | Emergency Phones | Laundry | Mail services | Massage | Veterinarians

Emergency Phones
  Dutch side French side
Ambulance 130 590 87 86 25
Fire 120 590 87 50 08
Hospital 140 590 29 57 57
Police 111 590 87 88 33

On the Dutch side, 911 also works for emergencies.

Name Location Phone
Paula Angella, Massage Therapist Outcall Dutch cell:
721 526 3938
AIA Massage Therapy Grand case French cell:
690 50 08 60
Good Life Spa
at Maho Resort
Simpson Bay 545 2356
Kakao, Kontiki, Papagayo Orient Beach On the beach
at Pelican Resort
Simpson Bay East 544 2426

Name Location Phone Fax
Deher Laundry and Dry Cleaning Philipsburg 542 2414  
Mere Denise Anse de Sables, Marigot 590 52 56 16  
Pressing du Pirate Laundry & Dry Cleaning Route de Sandy Ground, Marigot 690 57 10 20  
Self-Service Laundry Sandy Ground Bridge 590 87 87 07  
Twin Island Laundry Laundromat Philipsburg 542 3800  


There are several service providers on both sides of the island. It is possible to hook your laptop to the power (see electricity) and the phone lines (no special equipment needed, at least on the Dutch side), but bear in mind that it is an expensive call from one side of the island to the other. Thus, get a service provider on your side of the island or forget it and just go to a Cyber Café. If you do, you will have to know your mailbox settings (account name, and password, at the least, possibly your mail server id or name).

The Mailbox in Simpson Bay provides many services: mail, phone, fax, copies, and internet/email access. You can't miss the distinctive paint job on the front of the building on the lagoon side of the road. They are open from 8AM to 8PM Monday through Friday and 9AM until 5PM on Saturday and Sunday. Their email is There are several Cyber Cafés in Philipsburg and many on the French side. However, if you are reading this, you probably speak English, so you would probably be better served on the Dutch side in that the operating system, programs, café staff, and keyboards will not be using the French language.

By far the wildest exterior for an internet café belonged to Café Dot Com at the head of Philipsburg (that would be the eastern end near the cruise ship dock). It didn't seem to help their business, as they are no longer there.

Many hotels and restaurants are getting into this business and your hotel may be the easiest place to hook up. The Horny Toad, L'Esperance Hotel, and several other smaller hotels allow guests to use their system. The Toad has high speed internet available via a secure wireless connection. You can use the finder function on the SXM Restaurants site to find restaurants that have wireless available.

Internet café sign

French side
Clarke-Daeye Condordia 590 87 03 24
Poulin Menard Hope estate 590 87 15 05
Flamme Marie Grand Case 590 29 20 05
Murillon Rambaud 590 87 55 58
Saladin Clair at your home 690 75 59 35

Dutch side
Animal Care Center Cole Bay 544 5500
Animal Hospital Cole Bay 544 4411
Saladin Clair at your home 553 3374
St Maarten Veterinary Clinic Cay Hill 542 0111

Island Synergy

This is Jeffrey's Auto Supply and Fantastic Guesthouse. While we understand the two concepts, we are having difficulty understanding the synergy. But if you need a place to stay and you need car parts, this would indeed be fantastic.

If you stay here, you'll want to spend your spare time at nearby Skanki's Bar and Restaurant.


Very Personal Service

They didn't pay for these ads
and we are a bit unsure about the service,
but we love the signs.



Can't go wrong
at the Flying Dong

Flying Dong

Candie's Coozy Corner

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