Welcome to our 37 square mile island. It's about one-third Dutch, two-thirds French, and 100% fun. All taxi trips and tours are regulated by the Dutch St Marten Taxi Association. The price is the same, the difference is the driver. Forget the rest, book with the best: Lucia Taxi Service. Basically the island consists of a larger and higher eastern section, the center of which contains impassable hills, and a small western section that surrounds a lagoon. The road system is essentially a sideways figure 8 with a ring road around the mountains and a ring road around the lagoon. The two rings meet on the section from Cole Bay to Marigot. Taxis offer four trips: a 3 hour whole island circle tour, a 2½ hour tour of the two capitals and Orient Beach, a 2 hour mountain tour, and a 5 hour customizable tour. We will also do shopping and beach trips.

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Tambien ofrecemos servicios de taxi en español
Email | French cell 011-590-690 77 31 26
Dutch phone/fax 1 (721) 524 8920

Tour Passengers Cost Passengers Cost Passengers Cost
Circle Tour 1-2 $110 total 3-4 $40 each 5-7 $30 each
Capitals Tour 1-2 $85 total 3-4 $30 each 5-7 $25 each
Mountain Tour 1-2 $100 total 3-4 $45 each 5-7 $38 each
Customizable Tour 1-6 $250 total 7 $40 each x x

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